Nursing ServicesCorrectional Managed Care

Mission Statement
To provide a patient-focused, quality culture that delivers competent care and services in a cost-effective manner.

By this definition we mean:

  • Improvement and maintenance of our patient population's health.
  • Understanding and exceeding patient and family needs and expectations.
  • Ceaseless improvement of the care and service received by patient.

Our vision will be created by:

  • Simplified and standardized services close to the patient.
  • Broad and diverse employee skills.
  • Streamlined documentation.
  • Working together, within and between services.

Our vision will be measured by:

  • Patient clinical outcomes.
  • Patient satisfaction.
  • Access to care.
  • The balance of cost and productivity.

Mission - Why we exist
The mission of professional nursing at UTMB CMC is to:

  • Provide optimal health care through innovative and cost-effective practice.
  • Advance the scientific basis and art of nursing practice.
  • Provide innovative and educational nursing opportunities.
  • Assume collaborative leadership that compliments UTMB CMC.
  • Health Care Mission
  • Create a therapeutic healing environment 

For information on career opportunities in Correctional Managed Care, click here to view current vacancies by visiting the UTMB jobline