Quality Services & Risk Management

Correctional Managed Care

Quality Services Program Description
The UTMB CMC Quality Services department provides a framework for identifying and improving critical clinical concerns and related processes. These activities allow practitioners and clinical administrators to connect health care practices and interventions with clinical outcomes and continually monitor their progress. This is a hands-on endeavor performed by teams of facility based people who care about their work and strive to improve quality and productivity every day.

The Executive Quality Counsel provides leadership for quality activities and is comprised of members of all health care disciplines working as a group to define standards, clinical goals and delivery processes. This group reports to System Leadership and is responsible for quality process direction. They design monitoring activities, evaluate monitoring and corrective team findings and make crucial decisions toward implementing corrective action.

Program responsibilities:

  • Clinical Outcomes monitoring
  • Facilitation and compliance monitoring of contractual obligations and program policy.  
  • Resolution/ facilitation of healthcare issues and concerns identified by patients, staff, contract partners, and other outside private and governmental entities.
  • Formation and facilitation of Corrective Action Teams (CAT)
  • Providing a bridge between UTMB CMC facilities and the UTMB hospital for patient/process concerns.
  • Monitoring of contractual obligations related to Medically Recommended Intensive Supervision Medical and Psychiatric summaries. 

Risk Management (RM) Program Description
The UTMB CMC Risk Management program includes the following activities:

  • Comprehensive, integrated approach for assessing safe and professional healthcare delivery to inmates.
  • Identifying areas of high risk exposure.
  • Identification of key staff in clinical departments who may assist in the recognition of areas of high risk.
  • Identification of key staff in clinical departments who may participate in Corrective Action Teams.
  • Coordination of data analysis with the Executive Quality Council (EQC) to effect positive changes to support organizational improvement.
  • Maintain a streamlined, easily accessible and well communicated process for all UTMB CMC employees to identify and report instances.
  • Provide a system for identification and confidential reporting of general areas of potential risk in the delivery of healthcare. 
  • Provide a system for identification and confidential reporting of specific instances of potential and/or concurrent risk in the delivery of healthcare. 
  • Implementation of corrective interventions as communicated by the UTMB CMC RM program. 
  • Participation in educational communications to ensure up to date understanding of RM plans and goals.

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