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About UsCorrectional Managed Care - Service Line

UTMB-CMC has since evolved and offers a wide distribution of medical resources, allowing us to provide coverage in geographically dispersed regions; we service over 83 facilities throughout the State of Texas, providing care for approximately 120,000 offenders. In addition to basic medical care, services include disease prevention and detection programs, chronic disease management, and dental and mental health care. With nearly 3000 employees, UTMB – CMC operates one of the largest correctional healthcare systems in the country using a delivery model that includes basic as well as advanced levels of care:

  • Ambulatory clinics in over 80 prisons, state jails and other facilities
  • Infirmaries in 13 TDCJ prisons with a combined capacity of more than 400 beds
  • Regional medical facilities and sub-specialty clinic operations
  • One of a kind correctional hospital on our Galveston Campus                     
UTMB-CMC is a national leader in providing the highest quality of care at the lowest cost and is also among the world’s leader in telemedicine and electronic medical records application and is known for its innovative programs and creative solutions in the fields of correctional health care in jails, state prisons, juvenile detention centers and federal prisons.