Rendered drawing of John Sealy Hospital

John Sealy Annex Corridor Closure

Construction Notice: John Sealy Annex Level 2 Corridor to close for four months beginning July 15, 2024

Beginning on Monday, July 15, 2024 at 6 a.m., a portion of the level 2 corridor within the John Sealy Annex (JSA) and Clinical Services Wing (CSW) buildings will be closed to all patients, visitors, and staff to accommodate construction in the area.

  • All visitors and general pedestrian traffic will be directed to detour on level 2. 
    • Signage will be placed throughout the detour path to guide traffic.
    • A QR code will direct pedestrians to a detour map with numbered waypoints. 
    • Printed detour maps will be available at the closure locations and hospital front desks.
  • The John Sealy Annex elevators located near the Cafe on the Court cafeteria will remain operational. However, they will not allow access to the second floor.
  • EEG/EMG lab patients will need to use the John Sealy Hospital Entrance and follow the posted signage.

[See additional instructions and routes for UTMB Clinical Staff]

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UTMB Health Level 2 Temporary Detour Path

Pedestrian detour instructions for the UTMB Galveston Campus

Follow signs and floor decals along the detour path:

  • Use Waypoints (1-10) for orientation along the path.
  • Waypoint 1 Jennie Sealy Hospital Main Lobby.
  • Waypoint 4 is the R. Waverley Smith Pavilion and the Outpatient Pharmacy.
  • Waypoint 7 is John Sealy Hospital.
  • Waypoint 10 is the John Sealy Annex. Continue down the corridor for the Radiology Department and Emergency Department.

[Download PDF of detour route]

EEG/EMG Lab Temporary Detour Path

Pedestrian detour to access the EEG and EMG lab on the UTMB Galveston campus

Directions to EEG/EMG Lab:

  • Follow signs and floor decals along the detour path. Use Waypoints (A-D) for orientation along the path.
  • Begin detour route from the John Sealy Hospital Drop-Off.
  • Waypoint A is the main entrance of John Sealy Hospital. Information desk available. Go to Waypoint B toward Jennie Sealy Hospital and the Cafe on the Court.
  • Make a right at Waypoint C to enter Cafe on the Court, then follow the floor decals past the registers and make another right toward the elevators.
  • Take the elevators to Level 8 at Waypoint D for EEG/EMG Lab.
  • Arriving on Level 8, the EEG/EMG Lab is at the end of the hall to your left.

Lost? Call (409) 772-1450

[Download PDF of route to EEG/EMG Lab]