Safety Requirements for Employees & Students


  • Face masks are required for all individuals age 2 and older in all areas of UTMB hospitals and clinic facilities.
  • Face masks are required during meetings in clinical buildings or in classrooms used for clinical teaching, regardless of location.
  • Otherwise, face masks are recommended, but not required, in non-clinical buildings.
two women wearing face masks elbow bumping

Social Distancing

Meetings & room capacity

  • In-person meetings are permitted with the following precautions:
    • Attendance should not exceed 75% of the normal maximum capacity for the room, regardless of vaccination status among attendees.
    • All attendees must wear a face mask if the meeting is taking place in a clinical facility or in a classroom used for clinical teaching, regardless of location.
    • In other areas, face masks are recommended but not required for meetings.
    • Light snacks and refreshments may be consumed during meetings, with only brief unmasking in meetings where masks are required.
  • When eating in the presence of others in break rooms or cafeterias, maintain at least three (3) feet of distance from one another. Keep unmasked time during meals as brief as possible (less than 15 minutes).