Travel Restrictions

UTMB Health is committed to the well-being of our faculty, staff, students, patients, visitors and communities. We also have a responsibility to ensure a healthy workforce in order to safely and effectively fulfill our education, research and patient care missions. Therefore, consistent with University of Texas System guidance, UTMB Health continues to maintain some restrictions, requirements and guidelines for faculty, staff and student travel.

The instructions on this page cover both university-sponsored and personal travel and will be in effect until further notice. Be sure to read the “Key Points” for general reminders.

Key Points

  • Individuals who travel domestically or internationally during the ongoing global pandemic may:
    • Be exposed to and spread the virus that causes COVID-19, even if they do not exhibit symptoms;
    • Be required to self-quarantine at home for 7 to 10 days upon return, depending on circumstances, as determined by UTMB and/or the local health authority;
    • Be unable to return home on schedule, due to mid-trip developments at their destination;
    • Be subject to federal quarantine, possibly at a location far removed from their home; and/or
    • Become ill with COVID-19, with potentially serious health implications.
  • To ensure a safe and healthy work and learning environment:
    • Employees and students at a UTMB location are required to be healthy and able to carry out the functions of their job/coursework.
    • Managers are responsible for assessing staff and must remove employees who are ill from the workplace.
    • Faculty are responsible for sending students home if they come to class while ill.
  • Faculty, staff and students may be subject to disciplinary action if they do not follow requirements for Sick/Exposed individuals or the Return On-Site requirements after travel.
  • All travelers are responsible for knowing the current conditions and restrictions for their destination as well as UTMB’s approval, reporting and return-on-site requirements.

When planning, travelers should take into account the potential for testing and/or isolation that may be required before returning to work/school at a UTMB location.

Links & Contacts

Resources for International Travel

If planning international travel, refer to these sources often—before and throughout your trip, and as you plan your return to the U.S.:

Business Travel

Remote meeting options are strongly encouraged whenever possible.

Personal Travel

Return On-Site After Travel or Leave