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The Health Policy & Legislative Affairs Team

Lauren E. Sheer
Vice President,
Legislative Affairs
(512) 609-8046


Douglas W. Matthews
Assistant Vice President, Government Relations        (Federal Policies)
(409) 747-2791

Our team serves the needs of UTMB by: 

  • Working with state and federal elected officials, their staff, and agencies on UTMB issues; 

  • Coordinating campus tours and other educational activities for elected officials, agency officials, and their staff; 

  • Serving as a resource for UTMB communities (students, faculty, alumni, etc.) regarding state and federal issues; 

  • Monitoring and coordinating UTMB participation in legislative committee hearings and studies; 

  • Preparing policy materials for use with UTMB communities, legislative offices, and other state officials and staff. 



F. Ryan Micks
Assistant Vice President, Government Relations (Correctional Care)
(409) 747-2793

Rachel A. Osterloh
Legislative Affairs                  (State Policies)
(512) 497-9243