If you are looking to grow in your career at UTMB, human resources senior workforce development consultant, Trish Wooten  may have the tools to help you reach your goal.

Wooten and her colleagues provide both career coaching and development and training programs, to help employees grow in their profession. I recently sat down with Wooten to learn more about her job and to get a glimpse into the life of a human resources representative.

“One of the things I enjoy most about this position is the opportunity to watch someone grow, personally and professionally, by providing career coaching,” said Wooten. Wooten watched one UTMB employee, whom she coached; go from secretary to lawyer. “I gave her advice on going back to school and advancing her career and it was amazing to watch her transformation,” said Wooten.

Career coaching is available to UTMB employees who are seeking to go to the next level in their careers at UTMB. Wooten meets with employees in a mentorship type role, where she offers advice on resume writing, interviewing, educational avenues and professional development. “I take it very seriously, so I ask God to help me make a difference before I meet with an employee for coaching,” she said.

On the morning I’ve come to observe Wooten in her daily duties, she has an 8:30 a.m. career coaching appointment with a new employee. The employee cancels his appointment, so Wooten and I spend the hour discussing her own transition within the company. 

Wooten greeting Galveston Mayor Lewis Rosen.She’s been with UTMB for 24 years and knows firsthand that it is a place for opportunity and growth. She began her career as a licensed social worker and then became community relations representative for the blood bank. While at the blood bank she was an active donor and became well known within the UTMB community for her commitment to increasing donations. Next she became a consultant in Training and Development and then director of human development at Correctional Managed Care. She has served in her current role in Human Resources Organizational and Workforce Development for three years. “That’s what I love about UTMB; it has provided me with opportunities to grow as a professional,” she said.
Trish Wooten conducting Academic Enterprise meeting.By 10 a.m. she begins revising a new hire checklist and preparing for a strategic communications committee meeting with the Academic Enterprise. Wooten also facilitates the campus’ employee satisfaction survey, the You Count! Pulse Survey, and works with individual departments on their areas of need.
During her 11 a.m. meeting with Academic Enterprise, she goes through research data and shares best practices with the team, which will help them reach their goals.
By 1 p.m. she’s back in her office coordinating the next class for the Physician Leadership Academy. The Physician Leadership Academy is a 12-month program where physicians learn leadership skills, while increasing their knowledge and understanding of themselves, management practices and the business of health care. The academy is held in collaboration with University of Houston – Clear Lake. Upon completion, the participants receive a management certificate from UHCL. 

Wooten hosting Earth Day.By 2:30 p.m. Wooten starts preparing for a meeting with executives, where she will discuss an action plan for improving deficiencies identified in the You Count! Pulse Survey. She will spend the rest of her day looking at the survey data and analyzing the action plan for improvement.

Wooten’s responsibilities are vast, but she accomplishes it all by staying well organized and by keeping a proper work-life balance. When she’s not at UTMB, she spends time with family, volunteers for mission trips with her church and runs to keep her body and mind fit. The fruits of her balanced life based on family, faith, health and then work, come forth in her positive energy in the workplace. She speaks with passion about her work and the institution she’s served for more than 20 years.  

“I get to greet people from the time they’re hired to the time they grow to vice president in the institution,” said Wooten. “It’s something I count as a joy and privilege.”
And that’s a day in the life of a human resources representative. 

*Editor's note:  This is a new monthly series, where Impact readers will gain greater insight into the work day of various UTMB employees.