Transplant Center's Halloween door decorating winners
Regina Ramirez, transplant clinical pharmacist and Susan Johnson,  pre- heart transplant coordinator made arrangements for the Transplant Halloween Door Decorating contest and solicited an independent judge, Ruth Finkelstein to vote on the winners.  The event was intended to generate fun, fellowship and team building.  Everyone enjoyed the contest and are looking forward to doing it again at Christmas!
And the winners are:
1st place – Rebecca Scott and Elizabeth Latiolais
2nd place – Becky Bonds
3rd place – Bertha Garcia and Anita Gardea
Top three winners are first three images in gallery

Gao receives Lalor Foundation Merit Award

Dr. Haijun Gao, a postdoctoral scientist in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, received the Lalor Foundation Merit Award at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) in Portland, Ore. His conference paper was entitled “Maternal Protein Restriction Alters Gene Expression of Hsd17b2 in Rat Placenta.” Recipients of the merit award were evaluated according to scientific merit, interpretation and impact of the results, and clarity of the abstract. Additionally, Gao also won a place as one of the six finalists for SSR’s Trainee Research Awards for the same abstract after competing with more than 900 others. Gao has been supervised by Dr. Chandra Yallampalli, distinguished professor in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, since June 2009. 

Dr. Val Runge receives Harry Fischer Award 

Dr. Val Runge, chairman of the UTMB Department of Radiology, is the recipient of The Harry Fischer Award. The award was established to recognize outstanding researchers in the field of contrast media. The winner of the award is chosen for their outstanding research in the field of contrast media over many years. Of Runge's 184 index medicus listed publications, 97 have contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging as a primary focus.

Harry W. Fischer (1921–1998) was a pioneer in contrast media research and co-founder of the CMR, together with Dr. Elliott Lasser.

Carol Wiggs helps special needs Girl Scout troop 

A Montrose-area special needs Girl Scout troop on the verge of disbanding is staying together thanks to some willing volunteers. UTMB’s Carol Wiggs was one of dozens who stepped up to help Troop 21. “I just got up from my chair and called the Girl Scouts and offered my services,” said Wiggs, who is a women’s health care specialist and believes helping the area’s only special needs troop is her calling. “I have a special feeling for women from vulnerable populations and so this just seemed like a real natural fit for me,’ she said.

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Janet David receives Daisy Award

Janet David, care manager for TDCJ,  was the recent recipient of a Daisy Award. David received the award for her heroic measures in helping a patient secure funeral arrangements for her stillborn infant. David started a fund raising campaign with coworkers to properly handle the remains of the infant, who was christened baby Gabriel.