UTMB faculty—team Aging—and students—team Able—contended for the coveted title of FAC WAC winner during the fourth annual FAC WAC event sponsored by the Laennec Osler Society. The competition pitted top first-year medical students from UTMB's Gross Anatomy and Radiology course against their faculty members in a race to answer questions on human anatomy and medical conditions. The fun event, complete with door prizes and pizza, raised $1,300 for Galveston's St. Vincent's Clinic.

Team Able took the honors this year with team members Stephanie Dunlop, David Bowen, Brittany Schreiber and Taylor Lewis out scoring their faculty opponents, Drs. Riascos, Given, Rowen, Boyars, Miller, Nichols, and Tagliatela by a slim margin.

Congratulations to all!