September 21, 2010

Shining Stars

For the second year in a row, the Trevino Group is sponsoring the UTMB Children’s Hospital Thanksgiving dinner. The pediatric inpatient... read article »

Research could lead to treatment of heart failure in diabetics

Researchers from UTMB have discovered one of the pathogenic components of diabetes in the heart, as published in the Journal of Biological... read article »

UTMB Pediatric Holiday Toy Drive needs your help

It's that time again for the annual UTMB Pediatrics Holiday Toy Drive!  This year we are asking for Babies and Teens Toys and Children's... read article »

 November 20, 2013

UTMB Faculty Senate – the voice of unity

The UTMB mission “to improve health for the people of Texas and around the world” is accomplished by implementing the... read article »

Woman finds relief after 10 years of pain

Imagine it’s 2 a.m. and you’re awakened by excruciating pain. This is what Emilia Papavasiliou experienced many nights for more than 10 years. And she’s not alone... read article »

UTMB docs, alums embark on medical mission

The story of how a group of University of Texas Medical Branch physicians, residents and alumni recently went on a surgical medical... read article »

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$50,000 contribution to new Jennie Sealy Hospital continues family legacy

UTMB has always been at the heart of Gerry Hornstein’s life.

She was born a few years after her father, Dr. William C. Levin, graduated from UTMB. He completed an internal medicine residency before he joined the faculty as an instructor in 1944... read article »
MyChart Proxy Access gets a new name: Family Access

MyChart, UTMB’s online patient portal allowing users access to portions of their medical information, has an improved process for linking family... read article »

Researchers develop new insulin delivery system

Diabetes is a life-changing diagnosis that can mean several injections of insulin and several tests of blood glucose levels every day.