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Results and Reporting

Results and Reporting

  • Critical Results

    Critical Results indicates that the patient is in imminent danger of death, significant morbidity or serious adverse consequences unless treatment is initiated immediately. Critical results will be communicated to clients as specified in the critical results policy.

    Policy: Reporting of Critical Results to Providers

  • Test Results

    Routine test results can be sent via hospital printer, fax machine, or laboratory printer depending on the client's location and the amount of information to be transmitted. Requests for special handling of test results (ex. "call results to Dr. Jones at 763-9999") should be included with the order - an answering service or pager number is acceptable.
  • Turn Around Times

    Most routine chemistry and hematology testing is performed the day it is received in the laboratory. Analysis time, report print time and courier delivery time should be less than 2 days. Some special chemistry testing will take an additional day. Turnaround times for microbiology, virology, and cytopathology or other anatomic specimens will normally be less than 5 days, depending on the type of testing required.
  • Laboratory Information Services

    Laboratory Information Services is charged with the development, operation and management of the Laboratory Information System (LIS) in the Department of Pathology. LIS compiles, archives and transmits patient care information generated in the service laboratories of the Pathology Department. LIS strives to provide to clients, on and off campus, current and state-of-the-art technology and service.