Welcome to Meded

Absence/Tardiness Tracker
Coordinators and faculty use this link to add, edit, delete and list tardy/absence reports for their students. Absence/Tardy records can also be viewed and downloaded (to Excel) by course and academic-year.

Academic Affairs - Employee Resource Portal
The Academic Affairs Employee Resource Portal provides opportunities for Career Development, Continued Learning, Spotlight Info & more...

Clerkship Resource Links
Links to various resources for Clerkship Coordinators and Directors.

Clinical Scheduling: Site-Preference Ranking
Students use this link to submit their ambulatory site preference ranking. Coordinators use the same link to login and process student submissions.

CAPP—Coaching and Professionalism Program (formerly ECN)
For use by SOM Course and Clerkship Directors, Faculty and Staff to submit CAPP referrals on students for unprofessional behavior.

Emergency Contact Information
Faculty and Staff use this link to update and verify their emergency contact information.

Improvement-Focused Feed-Forward Program To be completed by Clerkship/Course Director.

Standardized-Patient Bibliography Database
This online bibliography of Standardized-Patient articles and research papers is searchable by Author, Title, Year and Keyword.

Student-Faculty/Resident Evaluation
Students use this link to evaluate faculty or resident with whom they had sufficient contact to develop opinion during clerkship rotation. Directors use the same link to login and obtain evaluation report.