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For more than a decade, UTMB has relied on two services purchased from Google to provide search tools for users of the UTMB web sites. The tools are being taken off the market by Google, and UTMB is reviewing the impact on and options for the UTMB community.

For external, public search, UTMB has licensed Google Site Search (GSS) to index our sites and render UTMB-specific, customizable results. For intranet searches, UTMB has used a Google Search Appliance (GSA) that sits in the protected zone behind our firewall and provides search for our internal documents and users.

The GSS will expire on April 1; at that time, all UTMB search queries will be directed at Google’s public search, and UTMB results will be co-mingled with all other search traffic. The GSA will go offline this fall; there is currently no budgeted solution in place for internal search at UTMB.

We’re working to understand and evaluate the impact of these changes on users, in order to align limited resources (dollars and time) with the needs that are most pressing.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts on the role and importance of search to your work and our web presence. A short four-question survey should take less than two minutes; results will be shared with leadership.

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