Newborn Online Cases


Newborn Online Cases are housed on the Design-A-Case (DAC) platform. 

1.  Enrollment.  All current Pedi Residents and Family Medicine Interns have been enrolled in DAC

Not enrolled and need to be?  Contact...

  • Pedi Residents - Pediatric Chief Resident

  • Family Medicine Residents - Darren Burns
  • Acting Interns -  Undergraduate Education Coordinator, Tiffany Swain


2.  Retrieve Your Password.

  • Go to
  • On the right hand side of the page, in the Logon box, click "Forgot password?"
  • Type your full UTMB email address ( click Submit
  • Your password will be emailed to you. 
  • This is a never-changing password.


3.  Login to Design A Case and Begin Assignment.

  • go to
  • In the Logon box, enter  full school email address ( and password
  • Check the box for "I agree to the Terms and Conditions"
  • Logon and choose your course :   Newborn Online Cases

Logon or navigation problems?    contact

 4. Work through the cases.

  • The list of web cases will be shown.  Click on the title of a case to start a case.
  • Within the case, click the Continue, Submit, and Faculty Response buttons to move forward.
  • All questions must be answered on a page before clicking the Submit button.
  • Once a page is submitted, your answers are saved and cannot be changed.

PAUSING - You can logout in the middle of a case and pick back up at the same spot the next time you login.

5. Document Completion.

Print this page from Design-Case, showing completion of all modules.

Hand-deliver, or pdf-email, to...

Pedi Residents - Pediatric Chief Resident

Family Medicine Residents - FM Program Director

Acting Interns - Undergraduate Education Coordinator, Tiffany Swain


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