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Review of systems

Specifically endocrine disturbances, respiratory complaints and orthopedic problems

    • Endocrine: polyuria, polydypsia, polyphagia, nocturia, cold or heat intolerance, oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea
    • Respiratory: snoring, cessation of breathing during sleep, daytime sleepiness
    • Orthopedic: hip pain, knee pain, back pain, leg pain, limp

Family history

History of obesity, premature heart disease (<55 years of age for men and < 65 years of age for women), dyslipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disease

Social history

Including family and peer relationships, who lives at home, school environment and performance, hours per day spent watching TV, playing video games, on the computer, physical activity,

Dietary history

Who cooks, how often do they eat out, how many times a day do they eat, eating while traveling (i.e. in the car), snacking during watching television, playing on computer or during homework time, late night snacks, seconds, large helpings, juice and soda intake, etc

Mental health

Also assess self-esteem and symptoms of depression as these may often cause or contribute to poor eating habits AND children who are overweight and obese often feel isolated from other peers