Professionalism in Pediatrics

How can we evaluate professionalism in self and others?

Professionalism in Pediatrics is a curriculum designed to help the users
identify component parts of professionalism, in themselves and others.

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Modules are accessible to enrolled residents and faculty in the UTMB Department of Pediatrics. If you do not see this on your course menu, contact  V. Niebuhr.






Just as a prism breaks

light into its component parts,

the CHARACTER acronym

breaks the construct

of 'Professionalism'

into its component parts.


The curriculum is based
on the CHARACTER acronym.

To be 'professional' means to show CHARACTER.   To be able to evaluate 'professionalism' requires reflection on the component parts.





Aiming for excellence



Ethical Approach

The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) requires that professionalism must be addressed in residency curricula and that residentsí competency in professionalism must be evaluated.  UTMB Graduate Medical Education Office requires that Residents evaluate Faculty competency in the Professionalism domain and Faculty evaluate Resident competency in the Professionalism domain.  This raises the question: 

Do residents and faculty know how to evaluate each other
in the domain of professionalism? 
rationale continued ...


Professionalism in Pediatrics consists of ten modules:

  • nine modules, one for each letter of CHARACTER,
    each require about 90 minutes

  • a 10th final module designated as 'Observations & Reflections',
    requires about 1-2 hours, after a week of observation.
    go here for a sample.


Professionalism in Pediatrics was funded in part by a grant awarded
from the UTMB President's Office and the UTMB Professionalism Committee,2006 

Copyright 2007

UTMB Dept. Pediatrics