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Life as a Fellow at UTMB

Life as a Fellow

The fellows rotate in 2 week blocks. The fellows spend 2 weeks as the clinic fellow and 2 weeks as the procedure fellow, followed by 2 weeks as the specialty fellow.

Clinic Fellow (16-18 weeks)

  • The clinic fellow performs all the in-clinic procedures and sees the new patients. The in clinic procedures are usually fluoroscopic or ultrasound guided injections or intrathecal pump refills. On Fridays the clinic fellow has their own clinic with only indirect supervision.
  • Resident lectures start at 7am. The fellow will give a lecture once a month.

  • Clinic Starts at 8am on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and at 9am on Wednesday and Friday, and the last patient is usually scheduled at 4pm.

Procedure Fellow (16-18 weeks)

  • The procedure fellow performs all of the surgical procedures, RFAs, or injections under anesthesia at our surgery center in Victory Lakes. You will usually place a few spinal cord stimulators and often an intrathecal pump every time you rotate as the procedure fellow. You will also do several kyphoplasty cases over the course of your fellowship. Procedures start at 7:15 am

Specialty Fellow

The specialty fellow will be on off-service rotations:

  • Acute Pain Service/Shriners (pediatric burn patients) (6 weeks)
    • Nerve blocks
    • Pain Psychology
  • Neurology (2 weeks)
  • Palliative Care (2 weeks)
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center (2 weeks)
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2 weeks)
  • Elective (4 weeks)


The 3 fellows take turns carrying the pager. On average you will respond to 1-2 pages a week. Being called into the hospital is possible in the event of a baclofen intrathecal pump failure, but extremely unlikely.

Some anesthesia residents may be eligible to moonlight as faculty at UTMB on weekends.