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UTMB’s History of Telemedicine Innovation

UTMB has been providing telemedicine services for the United States Antarctic Program for more than a decade, including for the prior Antarctic contractor (RPSC). Under our agreement with Lockheed Martin, UTMB Health established a Center for Polar Medical Operations in Galveston to manage health services at the three stations operated by the U.S. – McMurdo Station, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station and Palmer Station – as well as numerous seasonal field camps and two marine research vessels operated year round. Clinical experts at UTMB Health are always available via video teleconference, telephone or radio to assist in challenging clinical management issues.


Telemedicine Videos

Houston Doctors Talk About Antarctica

Some doctors in Galveston have to take extraordinary measures to care for their patients because those patients are researchers stuck on the bottom of the earth in Antarctica.