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Welcome to Research, Regulations & Compliance!

The Office of Research Regulations and Compliance is a new office created for the purpose of ensuring regulatory compliance while supporting the UTMB research enterprise. The office is comprised of the following areas: Institutional Animal Care and Usage Committee, Institutional Review Board, Research Integrity and Regulatory Affairs, Biosafety, Scientific Integrity, and the Office of Regulated Non-Clinical Sciences. These teams work with researchers to help them navigate the various regulatory requirements whether they be federal, state or sponsor driven. We ensure that research is carried out at the highest levels by providing reviews, approvals, guidance, training, and assistance.

As we further develop this new site, we will be adding training and meeting schedules. As always, your feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

Sharon Comvalius-Goddard, EdD, MPH
AVP of Research Regulations and Compliance


To provide guidance and leadership in regulatory and compliance matters in support of the growing UTMB research enterprise.


This vision will be accomplished by

  • Integrating services across UTMB
  • Coordinating activities across research support offices
  • Streamlining compliance requirements to reduce faculty administrative burden
  • Providing training and support of all research (basic, clinical, translational)
  • Ensuring research at UTMB is conducted in an ethical, compliant, and compassionate manner
  • Effectively manage risks while developing and promoting research

Meet the Team

IACUC - Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IRB - Institutional Review Board

RCC - Meet the Team

RCC - Meet the Team

RIRA - Research Integrity & Regulatory Affairs
ORNcS – Institutional Office of Regulated Nonclinical Studies Regulatory Operations Team

RCC - Meet the Team

Biosafety Team

RCC - Meet the Team

RCC - Meet the Team

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