Getting Started/Working with the IRB

Working with the IRB -Where do I begin? Click here.

To conduct human subject research at UTMB you will use to two electronic systems - OnCore e-Research and InfoEd. OnCore e-Research is a tool to help investigators and coordinators manage the daily tasks of conducting clinical trials and is the first entry point to initiating a new research protocol involving human subjects. InfoEd is the electronic online submission system used by the UTMB Institutional Review Board to review all human subject research protocols. All protocols are initiated in OnCore, submitted through InfoEd, and then electronically routed to the IRB for review.

How to Get Access to OnCore and InfoED

In order to get access to these systems you will need to take OnCore training, and request access to both OnCore AND InfoEd via your department's Trusted Requestor.

Study Documents

We have protocol and consent form templates located on the IRB Forms page of the IRB website. For a chart review, you can utilize the Chart Review Protocol template to draft your protocol. You would also need to submit any recruitment materials, surveys, or any other documents that the subjects would see.

If you are unsure which documents your study requires please reach out to the IRB office

Mandatory Training

You will want to make sure that everyone listed on the submission has completed the required Human Subjects training via the CITI program. Instructions a on how to register for CITI training are available on the Mandatory Training page.  Additionally, all individuals engaged in human subjects research are required to complete COI training, as well file of a statement of financial interests. For COI questions and instructions please email the Office of Institutional Compliance.

Entering a Study in OnCore and InfoED

Once you have completed OnCore training and have been granted access to the systems, you will be able to submit research studies in OnCore and InfoED.

For initial submissions, a signature page will need to be completed and uploaded into the InfoEd submission. This document can be found on the IRB forms page under Signature tab.

Additionally, if the individual who will serve as the Principal Investigator is not Faculty, then a Faculty Sponsor will need to be listed in the submission, who will also provide signature on the signature page. Department Chair signature is required for Expedited and Full Board research.