Research Administration

InfoEd Resources

InfoEd Resources

  • Investigator Role
    The Basic Role that gives you the access to the proposal module-All PD/PT Users must at least carry investigator access. This role provides PIs and Key Investigators access to any records they have been listed as the PI or Key Personnel. 

    Department Head
    A View Only Role that allows the Department Chair/Dean to view all the proposal submissions associated with the designated Departments they have been assigned to as Department Head on their access request form.

    Department Administrator
    A role provided to those who will be in a supporting grants management role (Pre and Post Award) in the department. They will have access to edit in PD and PT for the departments designated to them on their access request form.

    Department Admin IV
    Research Administration Roles that will allow them to view, and edit records in the PT module only.  This role is not limited by department assignments. The role is reserved for Research Admin staff only.

    Research Administrator
    This is the OSP Pre Award Analyst role; This role allows all access to the PD and PT records that the pre award analyst is assigned to. The role is reserved for OSP Staff Only. 

  • Proposal Submission

    Document TypeFile Naming Convention
    Completed ApplicationApplication
    Consortium docs


    Limited Opportunity Preproposal documentLOI Preproposal
    Proof of Submission


    Intent to SubmitIntent to Submit eform
    OSP Reviewer ChecklistReviewer Checklist
    Assembled application for proposals submitted using system-to-system*AssembledDoc



    Document TypeFile Naming Convention
    Partially executed subaward sent from subrecipient organizationPEA_SUBK_Record#_EntityName
    Unsigned subagreement the PI is asked to review


    Statement of WorkSOW_Record#_EntityName
    Budget JustificationBudJust_Record#_EntityName
    MPI Leadership PlanMPI_Record#_EntityName
    Data Management and Sharing PlanDMSP_Record#_EntityName
    Complete agreement (FEA with attached PO)FEA&PO SUBK_Record#_EntityName

    Other items like MOU, MTA, CDA, DUA and similar agreements would be named with the acronym then Record#_EntityName. Various versions start with Draft or PEA or FEA etc.

    Upload of any REVISIONS to the files named above should have REV at the end of the file name. Initials of the file editor are encouraged but optional. Example: upload of a revised version of DRAFT SUBK_Record#_EntityName would be called DRAFT SUBK_Record#_EntityName_REV-ND.   


  • Investigator
    The base role that gives access to the Subawards module. This role also provides PIs and Key Investigators access to any records they have been listed as the PI or Key Personnel.

     All users must at least carry the Investigator role to access the Subawards module.

    Department Administrator
    This role is additional access for those who will be supporting grants management (pre and post award) within their department(s). This will grant edit and view rights to all subawards associated with the department or departments specified.

    Please include all department id and department names that should be accessible for the person in this role.