Office of Strategic Research Development

osrd proposal development

Strategic Proposal Development & Management


  • Proposal Editing
    • Edit and format proposal for clarity, consistency, and cohesiveness.
    • Edit proposal documents for conciseness by condensing text and eliminating redundancy.
    • Reconcile proposal content with funding announcements and ensure all requested components are included in the proposal.
    • Refine and polish final documents by strengthening its visual appeal.

    *The amount of time required to complete the editing process will be determined by the proposal's size and scope*

  • Non-Technical Documentation Management
    • Provide institutional standardized and customizable templates for documents including but not limited to facilities, equipment & other resources, current & pending support, letters of collaboration, and research timeline tables.
  • Strategic Intelligence
    • Provide actionable insights and future-looking intelligence to inform leadership decisions and proposal strategy.
    • Conduct capacity analyses of UTMB’s strengths in key research areas.
    • Conduct landscape analyses of funding opportunities or leading research institutions/individuals in a particular field.
    • Conduct program analyses of specific funding programs and sponsor analyses to understand their broader funding strategies.
  • Proposal Review Coordination
    • Facilitate an independent group of experts (or senior faculty) to review the proposal draft for scientific merit, completeness and persuasiveness, and how appropriately it is weighted to the sponsor’s evaluation criteria. (For large scale proposals)
    • Provide feedback on the clarity and direction of preliminary draft components.
  • Site Visit Support
    • Assist faculty in the preparation and organization of site visits for large institutional research initiatives.
    • Coordinate visit logistics with departmental administrators and RD professionals within the team.  
  • Proposal Development & Management
    • Provide individual investigator consultations to support the development of research plans and proposal content.
    • Coordinate brainstorming and/or think tank meetings to discuss proposal plans.
    • Provide proposal outlines and templates to guide the writing process.  
    • Provide technical or strategic input to help strengthen proposals.
    • Monitor progress and inform specific team members of any upcoming action items and deadlines.
    • Provide overall team science support and facilitation.
    • Connect investigators with research resources and collaborators across UTMB.
    • Provide guidance on navigating UTMB's research enterprise.
    • Facilitate contact with funding agency program officers.
    • Early-career stage emphasis: Discuss long-term research strategy, target specific funding opportunities, and identify agencies or programs to target.