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UTMB Health Community Sponsorships

Information and Request Form for UTMB Sponsorships & Support

Historically, UTMB has been an excellent community partner and a valued sponsor of many important community activities and events that align with the institution’s mission. We intend to continue to grant community sponsorships to support the important work being done by nonprofit organizations. Going forward, a new process is in place to centralize and standardize the process by which we provide support to the communities we serve:

  • Effective September 1, 2015 (start of FY16), all sponsorships for non-profit organizations, events and activities are managed through the UTMB Sponsorship Committee, with oversight by the President’s Office.
  • The UTMB Sponsorship Committee includes eight campus representatives—two each from the Health System, the Academic Enterprise, Business and Finance and the President’s Office.
  • This group convenes monthly to consider, approve or decline requests for sponsorship funding.
  • Individual departments or units within UTMB are no longer able to sponsor community activities or events with UTMB-related funds (individuals may continue to support organizations and events with personal funds).

To make this process accessible and convenient for all, this website has been created. It includes program details, a link to the new draft policy, and a form (in online and printable formats) to be used by all individuals and organizations that appeal to UTMB for contributions.

Questions? Contact:

UTMB Sponsorship Committee
c/o President’s Office
Mail Route 1000
Lori Blackwell, Project Liaison

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