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A Brief Introduction to UTMB Health’s Strategic Plan

The entire University of Texas Medical Branch community works together to work wonders every day.

Creating new ways to teach the healing arts and sciences. Growing lungs in a lab. Unlocking the mysteries of the human brain. Combatting chronic and infectious diseases. Making innovative use of technology. Designing healing environments. Providing access to the best care for growing communities.

The examples are varied and nearly limitless, but they all depend on UTMB Health’s ability to plan effectively and adjust to changes in the rapidly evolving fields of health care and academic medicine.

The Road Ahead defines UTMB Health’s path forward. It serves as the foundation for plans and goals at the entity, department and division level. For FY2019, the Road Ahead focuses on the priorities outlined in this brochure.


UTMB Health’s mission is to improve health for the people of Texas and around the world by offering innovative education and training, pursuing cutting-edge research and providing the highest quality patient care.


We work together to work wonders as we define the future of health care and strive to be the best in all our endeavors.


  • We demonstrate compassion.
  • We always act with integrity.
  • We show respect to all.
  • We embrace diversity.
  • We promote lifelong learning.

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Invest in the success of our workforce

UTMB Health has a well-deserved reputation as a world-class teaching, research and health care delivery organization driven by the success of our people. We attract, develop and retain the best and brightest individuals. We nurture a caring, culturally sensitive atmosphere.

We continuously invest in the success of our workforce and commit to an interprofessional, collaborative work environment. As we work together to work wonders, we create a strong culture of professionalism, teamwork and respect.

Together we are committed to being the academic medical center that leads the way in health sciences education, biomedical research advances and the highest quality patient care.


  • Improve processes and tools for retention of faculty and staff.
  • Address wellness and resiliency of faculty, staff and students.
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Deliver high-quality outcomes that improve education, research and health care delivery

UTMB Health is committed to delivering high-quality outcomes, groundbreaking discoveries and exceptional service as we change the world through education, research and health care delivery.

We are transforming health care through enriched learning and continuous improvement while focusing on best-in-class care experiences, improving the health of populations and reducing per capita costs of care.


  • Provide exceptional, "high-value" services to our patients, students and communities.
  • Expand and increase the use of UTMB Discover to improve outcomes for clinical, research and education programs.
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Strategic Management & Growth

Pursue the greatest opportunities to help define the future of health care

UTMB Health is a preeminent academic health center that fosters organizational innovation, improvement and entrepreneurship to capitalize upon opportunities in a competitive marketplace.

Our strategic management efforts, including business intelligence and decision-support initiatives, will allow us to make the best use of technology to improve decision-making and achieve the right performance outcomes.

We will build on our brand and expand our affiliations and partnerships to improve overall health, access and training in the communities we serve.


  • Strengthen communications to enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Continue strategic growth of programs and partnerships.
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Secure the necessary resources to support our work

UTMB Health’s financial structure currently includes a varied mix of revenue sources to support our mission. We must maximize our resources to invest in educating the health care team of the future, advance life-saving research with a global reach, and expand access to quality patient care.

Effective stewardship remains a top priority as we define the future. To this end, we will effectively manage costs and revenue throughout the institution, forecast trends with reliable data, and skillfully manage the risks associated with strategic growth in an evolving and challenging health care landscape.


  • Improve revenue streams.
  • Improve how we manage expenses to increase efficiency.
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How to use The Road Ahead:

UTMB Health can best honor its long history of accomplishment and service by staying focused on its future. The goals outlined here are key steps toward that future for every student, faculty and staff member of the UTMB Health community.

Read this information and share it widely among your team. Use this information as you develop individual and department goals for the year. Talk about the priorities and how they relate to the work you and your colleagues do.

Ultimately, through regular and effective communication of and conversations about our strategic vision, every member of the UTMB Health community will understand how he or she contributes to our mission: improving health for the people of Texas and around the world.



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