Park and Ride

Effective March 1, 2018

Bus image representing Island Connect: UTMB Park and Ride

"Island Connect" is a park and ride service for UTMB (and other) commuters connecting Galveston and the League City-Webster areas. Program policies and prices are below: 

The regular fare is $4 each way. A 25% fare discount is available to all riders who purchase a coupon book, resulting in a discounted fare of $3.00 per trip. Coupon books are available at the League City Park and Ride, and online from Connect Transit.

The Park and Ride schedule will be available online.

Multiple Island Connect transit buses make the 27-mile trip on the Gulf Freeway throughout the day. A one-way trip takes about an hour. The 35-seat buses have digital TVs and Wi-Fi access.

Park and ride buses stop at the following locations:

  • UTMB’s League City Campus, 2240 Gulf Freeway.
  • UTMB’s Multispecialty Center and Stark Diabetes Clinic at Victory Lakes Town Center, 2660 Gulf Freeway
  • Texas City: Delaney Rd. and Monticello
  • Galveston: 20th Street and Harborside
  • Galveston: 25th Street and Harborside
  • UTMB Galveston Campus: The Waverley Smith Pavilion

Island Connect is a joint operation between UTMB and the Gulf Coast Center’s Connect Transit. Connect Transit is the public transportation provider for Galveston and Brazoria counties.

Learn more on the Gulf Coast Connect website...

Ticket Booklets

The face value on a book of tickets (ride coupons) is $200: 50 tickets per booklet @ $4/ticket.

To receive a 25% discount, riders can purchase the booklets in advance directly from the Gulf Coast Center, or at the League City Campus Park and Ride terminal. That discount reduces the booklet price to $150 and the fare to $3/ticket.