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Insurance & Billing

  • Health Care Payment Option

    At UTMB, we believe that everyone should have access to the very best health care possible. We also understand that it’s not always easy to pay for that care.

    UTMB has partnered with PayZen to help patients with their health care-related costs, balancing patients’ medical needs with their financial resources.

    Anyone receiving eligible health care services can take advantage of this payment resource, and there is no application form to fill out, no minimum credit rating and no effect on a patients’ credit score. UTMB Health believes that PayZen will be a great help to patients facing large medical bills, co-pays and deductibles. For more information, call (888) 849-7647 or visit the PayZen website.

Insurance & Billing

  • Discounting, Pricing and Billing Procedures Policy

    In accordance with Senate Bill 1731 (“Healthcare Transparency”) and in addition to the information offered above, UTMB posts for its patients, policies on billing and collection practices. If you don’t have access to the internet or would prefer a written copy, please call (877) 463-0103 or (409) 515-7049.

    Download and read our policy on discounting charges for uninsured patients.

  • Financial Assistance Policy

    Current UTMB patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance related to services already provided at UTMB. Existing UTMB and non-UTMB patients may contact Financial Counseling at (409) 772-6464 to learn about the application process.

    Patients are not eligible for financial assistance if they a) have third party insurance (excluding patients with traditional Medicare); or b) if they are eligible for another third-party program such as Medicaid, County Indigent Health Programs (CIHCP), etc.; or c) are not Texas residents. Patients seeking treatment for certain elective, non-emergent procedures or outpatient services will be considered full pay patients, and payment in full will be expected at or before the time services are rendered.

    Qualified applicants whose income and calculated assets are below 200% of the levels indicated in the Federal Poverty Guidelines will qualify for a 100% charity discount on any balances. Qualified applicants whose income and calculated assets are equal to or greater than 200%−but below 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines − will qualify for a 75% charity discount on any balances.

    The Financial Counseling Office manages the process of vetting requests for assistance. An interview/screening process conducted by the office will determine if an individual is eligible to receive discounted medical services at UTMB.

    Self-pay patients (individuals who are personally responsible for their bills because they do not have third party coverage, and do not qualify for full or partial charity care discounts) with income levels equal to or greater than 400% of Federal Poverty Guidelines may qualify for a discount up to 50% for services received.

    Details, forms and additional information on discounts and financial assistance are available from the Financial Counseling Office. Please contact our Financial Counseling Office at or call us at (409) 772-6464.

    Download 'A Patient's Guide to UTMB Health Charity Care and Financial Assistance'.

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