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Morning routines and back to school

To ease back-to-school jitters, pediatric physician's assistant Amy  Laird-Payne recommends establishing a good morning routine.

Routines create predictability and familiarity and ease anxiety. Routines also offer children a chance to try some independence and gives them the opportunity to practice good self care habits they can use as an adult.

When planning your morning routine it's important to do two things:

  • Take into account the needs of you and your child(ren)
  • Start the night before

Ways you can prepare the night before:

  • Lay out outfits for the next day
  • Discuss hairstyles
  • Plan breakfast
  • Consider your FULL schedule for the next day, to ensure you have anything extra you'll need for after school and work.

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Amy Laird-Payne on establishing morning routines

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