Frank W. Stevens Center for Health & WellnessAngleton Danbury Campus

Health & Wellness

The professionals at UTMB Health Angleton Danbury Campus are committed to helping our friends and neighbors stay healthy and that dedication is most evident at the Frank W. Stevens Center for Health and Wellness.

The Center focuses on prevention as the key to a healthy lifestyle and encourages the community to identify health risks, develop habits to minimize those risks and promote well-being.

The Wellness Program offers a variety of fitness classes, support groups, a speaker's bureau, CPR classes, Safe Sitters, full service Pilate's studio and personal training for all.

There's something for everyone from the Silver Sneakers class for seniors to the FAST Program for young athletes.

Making Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle

Choosing a healthy lifestyle can positively impact your health for the rest of your life and reduce your healthcare costs! Whether you are looking to increase your fitness level, lose weight, or simply find information on the newest health related topics, the Frank W. Stevens Center for Health and Wellness is a great place to start.

The Frank W. Stevens Center for Health and Wellness is a full-service facility offering support groups, information, daily exercise classes, a full range of exercise equipment and many other wellness related programs for all fitness levels. We strive to help each individual develop attainable goals and work with them to meet these goals.

Frank W. Stevens was an advocate for wellness programs long before they were even considered part of healthcare. He felt that healthy lifestyles and knowledge of disease prevention could impact an individual's life-long health and reduce healthcare expenditures. He practiced what he preached and encouraged others to do the same. He worked tirelessly over his lifetime to insure UTMB Health Angleton Danbury Campus was a leader in quality healthcare and health promotion.