Regional Women’s Services & Pediatrics


Q: How do I find your clinic?
A: For directions, please call the clinic. For more details regarding our location and office hours, please see our Clinic Locations page.

Q: Is financial assistance available to help me pay for services:
A: Yes. You may be eligible for one of our programs that can help pay for the costs of your services. During your first appointment a financial screener will determine if you qualify for any of these programs. See the Financial Assistance Screening Services section for more information.

Q: What documents should I bring with me to my clinic visit?
A: Because many of the assistance programs available are based on income and other criteria we ask that you bring the necessary documents with you to your first visit to our clinic. A list of these documents can be found on our 
Patient Information page in the "What Do I Need to Bring With Me for Financial Assistance Screening?" section.

Q: Why should I have my baby at UTMB and not the hospital nearer my home?
A: For a list of reasons why you should choose UTMB to be the place you deliver your baby see the Prenatal Care: "Why Should I Have My Baby at UTMB?" section of our website.

Q: I need a proof of pregnancy; can I get that from you?
A: Yes, please call the clinic to schedule an appointment.

Q: I have vaginal itching, burning, smell or a genital bump. Can you help me?
A: Yes, call the clinic to schedule an appointment. We will get you in as soon as possible.

Q: I just found out the person I had sex with has a sexually transmitted infection (STI). What should I do?
A: Get tested as soon as possible and, if necessary, seek treatment. We offer low-cost STI testing at our clinics for you and your partner. Please call to make an appointment.

Q: When should I get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI)?
A: Some people get tested only when they are afraid they have STIs. In many cases, damage to the reproductive system can be serious before any symptoms appear. If you are at risk, get tested now.  Call our clinic to make an appointment.

Q: I do not have insurance. Can I still come to your clinics?
A: Yes, You may qualify for a discounted rate depending on income and family size. We provide financial screening at the time of your appointment. See our information on Financial Assistance Screening Services.

Q: How do I know what immunizations my child needs?
A: Please click on link below for an immunization schedule or you may talk with the nurse at your child's next visit.

Q: My baby has a fever, what do I need to do?
A: Please call the clinic and talk with our nurse.