Patient Referral

Please note: The contact information provided below is for use by physicians who wish to refer a patient to UTMB.

Providing patients with the best care requires collaboration with the entire care team – both inside and outside of UTMB Health.

To ensure that referring physicians get timely information and relevant communication regarding their patients, we have multiple ways to refer and follow patients.

To refer a new patient:

UTMB Health provides a centralized service to receive patient referrals. A physician relations representative is available 24/7 to provide services to community physicians and their staff.

There are several options for referring a patient to UTMB for a specialty consultation or procedure:

Physician to physician referral: Faculty One Call at (800) FACULTY (322-8589) or use our quick, secure and convenient online referral form.

  • Contact an adult physician relations representative at (409) 772-2222 or toll free (800) 917-8906.
  • Contact a pediatric physician relations representative at (888) UTMB-KID (886-2543).
  • Fax a completed Outpatient Referral Request form to (281) 554-5237.

Interfacility Patient Transfers: UTMB Transfer Center at (800) 962-3648 to coordinate a patient transfer from an outside medical facility to a UTMB hospital.

To follow a patient:

Physician to physician referral: Faculty One Call at (800) 322-8589. A representative will be able to assist you with patient updates.