UTMB Willed Body Program, Galveston, Texas

UTMB's Willed Body Program website provides information on the body donation process and the essential need for willed body donations to the medical school.

  • The program supports one facet of the educational mission of UTMB.
  • Dissection-based anatomy education is a corner-stone of the curriculum for many of our students.
  • Each year we have nearly 400 students and residents using our facilities and cadavers.
  • This effort requires about 75 cadavers.
  • Each of these cadavers comes to us as a generous donation from individuals and families.
  • Anatomical dissection has been an essential part of anatomy coursework for years and continues to be vital even with the advent of modern technology.
  • Students are able to experience first-hand not only structure, but variation and pathology.
  • It forms the foundation of all the courses to follow.
  • This is not possible without the use of the cadavers donated to our and other medical schools.
  • This is a gift to our students that is priceless.
  • As a profession we are indebted to those who make this gift.
For any questions, please call our Toll-free number: (800) 828-1402