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Service Desk Ticketing System being replaced

Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015 • 3:45 PM joreily

The ticketing system used by the Information Services Service Desk is being replaced and the new system (LanDesk) will be online beginning March 7th at 8:00am. Those of you requesting help from the Service Desk will continue using the exact same process by either calling extension 25200 or emailing ishelp@utmb.edu. Random customer service surveys will continue to be sent out and will come from the same email address: ishelp@utmb.edu. For more general information about the Service Desk, please visit http://www.utmb.edu/is/Assistance/Help%20Desk/HelpDesk.aspx

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IS Voice Announcement

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2015 • 8:21 AM joreily

Caller ID ( Name and Number)
IS Voice Services is planning to enable Caller ID (Name and Number) functionality for outgoing calls in UTMB Campus, Clear Lake Campus(CLC) and Victory Lakes(VL) in last week of March 2015. Kindly stay put for a detailed announcement one week ahead of enabling this functionality from IS – Voice Services.

All calls originating at a UTMB facility going outbound by default will display as per the below listed criteria once the functionality is enabled. Follow the below process to change this default settings and pay fees as noted below.

Internal Calls:(Calls within the UTMB campus telephone systems network)
The default display for all Station to Station calls will be displayed as follows:
Line 1: Number Delivered: XXXXX (5 digit station number only)
Line 2: Name Delivered: UTMB_HEALTH

External Calls:(Calls outgoing to off campus locations, i.e. local Galveston area)
The default display for all External Calls will be displayed as follows:
Line 1: Number Delivered: XXX-XXX-XXXX
(full 10 digit phone number assigned to individual in campus directory)
Line 2: Name Delivered: UTMB_HEALTH

Call Center Calls:
All Call Center Caller calls will be set up by default with the name display of UTMB_HEALTH.

Call Center Calls– Internal station to station
Line 1: Number Delivered: XXXXX (5 digit station number only)
Line 2: Name Delivered: UTMB_HEALTH

Call Center Calls– External outgoing off campus
Line 1: Number Delivered: 409-772-1011
Line 2: Name Delivered: UTMB_HEALTH
How to get Caller ID customizations
All requests for Name or Number Display changes must be routed thru David Derrick ddderric@UTMB.EDU 409-772-9413 along with the concerned user department management approval and chart string to apply charges..
Fees and Charges:
One Time Charge per phone/user:
Any name or number change …………………...…………………..$10/phone

Emergency Communications

Disaster/Weather Emergencies

In the event of a disaster or emergency weather conditions, please refer to the following lines of communication for more information:

  • Call the UTMB hotline at (409) 77-ALERT (772-5378) or toll free at (888) 772-5449; or
  • Call the UTMB main operator at (409) 772-1011.
  • Information is also available via the web at www.utmb.edu/alert. Should the UTMB web server go down, a second server is in place as a backup and will be available via UTMB's normal URL: www.utmb.edu.  Additionally, an informational site will be activated at www.utmbinfo.com.
  • See www.utmb.edu/emergency_plan for UTMB Health Emergency Operations Plans.
  • Monitor local television and radio stations including KPRC/950 AM, KTRH/740 AM and KIKK/96 FM in Houston.

Sign Up for UTMB Alerts
UTMB Alerts is a "reverse 911" system, the application augments existing emergency communication resources such as email, web and phone-based alerts. Stay informed.

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