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Abbey B. Berenson MD, PhDThis is an exciting time for women's health research in our country. New opportunities for research and funding have emerged in the last decade and continue to grow. NIH-supported research training and career development initiatives at UTMB include the NIH BIRCWH K12 program and the NIH/NRSA T32. The NIH/NRSA T32 has supported 17 postdoctoral fellows during 8 years of funding (2008-2015). The T32 program in women’s reproductive health supports postdoctoral fellows for a 2 year appointment. Now in its 8th year, most of this program’s former participants have advanced in academic standing and many have achieved sponsored support for their research activities.

Of the 15 former postdoctoral fellows who participated in the program from 2008-2015, 73% remain in academia and 53% have obtained tenure-track faculty positions at UTMB, UTHSC Houston, UT El Paso, University of Florida Jacksonville, University of Illinois Chicago, College of Charleston, Iowa State University, and Xavier University of Louisiana. In addition, 71% of former postdoctoral fellows from Cycle 1 (2008-2013) who are now in faculty positions have been successful in obtaining extramural funding as Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator. Equally impressive is that, during the 8 years of the program, 15 postdoctoral fellows published 42 articles and had 37 abstracts accepted for poster presentations at national meetings.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Women's Health will continue its efforts to develop and enhance this field by providing postdoctoral fellows with travel and stipend supplementation, developing new collaborations of scientists, and providing awareness of funding opportunities in women's health.

Abbey B. Berenson MD, PhD, Director
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