Ambulatory Community Selective

Course Directors: Gayani Silva, MD, Virginia Niebuhr, PhD


Overview: This selective is an opportunity for the 4th-year medical student to learn about the profession and practice of Pediatrics in a community-based outpatient setting.  The student will spend four weeks with a community-based pediatrician (generalist or specialist), joining in patient care and any daily activities of that provider.   In addition, the student will learn about agencies serving the health of children and families including Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), Women, Infants & Children (WIC), and at least one other children-youth-family serving agency.
The Pediatric ACS is one of about fourteen choices the medical student has to complete the Ambulatory Community Selective requirement. For more general information about the UTMB Ambulatory Community Selective, link here and here.


You must submit a site preference form in addition to registering on mystar. Please note that we do not place PEDI ACS students in the Austin area as there are too many UTMB 3rd-year students in Austin competing for a small number of preceptors.

We also have a limited number of slots per block, so get those requests in early.

Already-identified sites.
We have identified a cadre of Texas pediatricians eager to work with students interested in careers in Pediatrics.  AHECs1 across the state are linking them with UTMB students. 
Student-created sites. 
We are especially interested in helping students learn in their hometown communities. You may choose a community in which you want to work, even if you do not know of specific physician.   An Area Health Education Center (AHEC)1 coordinator  will try to identify a provider in that community.

If you know a pediatrician you want to work with, but whose name may not be on our list, submit that physician's name to the ACS Coordinator and efforts will be made, through AHEC, to include that physician in our community-based provider pool. Please do not contact these physicians directly, as AHEC will coordinate assignments.

1 Don't know what AHEC is or does?  Not to worry.  "Learning about AHEC" is indeed one of the objectives of this rotation.



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