pedi.edtech is a faculty development program about using technology for education. Faculty have opportunities to develop skills in four focused areas:

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Migrating to Office 2010

Many of you are migrating to office 2010 and it can be confusing. Microsoft tries to make it easier by giving you all the information you might need to get started and keep the momentum going.

If you are looking specifically for a function that you knew you could do before and are having trouble, use Microsoft's Transition to the Office Ribbon to help you get started. You can even complete free on-line training to help you get started.

For general information go to the Microsoft Office hyperlink below.

Transition to the Ribbon

Microsoft Office

1. Click on the Video about "Cool things Office 2010 can do"
2. Review the tabs on the left to get more "Just in time" information
3. Download and/or print Migration Information for Word, Excel or Outlook
4. Download an e-reader if you prefer.
5. Explore Microsoft Help on your own, you might be delighted by what you find.

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