You are examining 18-month old Jonathan. There is no growth chart available in his chart, the clinic has just run out of pre-printed copies, and the EMR is down for the afternoon. Where can you go for more growth charts?

Growth charts can easily be found through the Center for Disease Control at Note that growth charts from the World Health Organizations (WHO) are the preferred chart for children 0-3 years, and CDC charts for older children

Growth Charts

Jonathan's mother has all his previous records, so you can extract all the data points from previous visits.


Data to use for Clinical Challenge below

The data you extracted are as follows:

The data are plotted below. Note the change in weight relative to length.


growth chart

















Clinical Challenge

Clinical Challenge: You take a dietary history and Johnny's mother tells you that he eats a variety of fruits and vegetables, and only a few types of meat proteins such as chicken nuggets and hot dogs. She breastfed him almost exclusively until a year. At a year, she introduced whole cows milk and juice. He currently nurses only before naps and bed time. He takes 6 oz of juice a day and 24 oz of whole milk.


Question: If you were to recommend one dietary change what would it be?