Welcome to Brain Health Institute

Welcome to the

Brain Health Institute

Shaping the Future of Brain Health, One Neuron at A Time

From basic research to clinical science, the UTMB Brain Health Institute (BHI) is the home of all areas of excellence in the biomedical neuroscience at UTMB where life-changing discoveries in the neurological sciences will be fast-tracked into the clinical realm. The BHI is a foundation platform where excellence in basic neuroscience synergizes with correspondent clinical endeavors to promote brain health, healing and recovery. The UTMB BHI will be a world-renown hub of neuroscience excellency, addressing fundamental unanswered questions to provide health and healing for the most debilitating illnesses, including Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders, chronic pain, diseases of dependency, mental health disorders, neurological trauma, stroke, and rehabilitation post neurologic insult. The BHI will brand UTMB as the recognized leader in brain health by setting the highest standards of neuroscience healthcare, driven by the most rigorous and innovative basic and clinical research.

Welcome to the future of brain health, one neuron at a time.

Giulio Taglialatela, PhD
Director, UTMB Brain Health Institute