BSEI Personnel

BSEI Oversight Committee Members

Judith Aronson, MD – Pathology

Toby Boenig, JD – Office of Institutional Compliance

Lamonne Crutcher, RN, BSN – Clinical Research Center

Kathryn Cunningham, PhD – Pharmacology and Toxicology

Michelle Madden Felicella, MD – Pathology

Michael Kinsky, MD – CRC, Anesthesiology

Corri Levine, MS, MPH – Institute for Translational Sciences

Susan McLellan, MD, MPH – Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine

Peter Melby, MD – Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine

Anthony O. Okorodudu, PhD – Pathology

Rosalinda Rivera, MS - Clinical Research Center

Lindsay Sonstein, MD – Internal Medicine

Lawrence Sowers, PhD – Pharmacology and Toxicology

Lori Simon, RN – Office of Clinical Research

Harshwardhan Thaker, MD – Pathology

Randall Urban, MD – Chief Research Officer, Internal Medicine

David Walker, MD – Pathology

Scott Weaver, PhD – Microbiology and Immunology