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Message from Executive Vice President
and Provost




TO:                   Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, Faculty and Administrators


FROM:              Dr. Charles P. Mouton – Executive Vice President and Provost


SUBJECT:          U.S. Export Laws and UTMB’s Openness in Research Policy


DATE:               May 8, 2019


I wanted to briefly update you on our stance relative to federal export controls. UTMB is committed to excellence in health science education, research and patient care.  As part of our research efforts, we are recognized for our understanding in developing countermeasures against infectious diseases through research collaborations with scientist and universities throughout the world.  The export of certain technologies, research results, software, and biological and chemical materials to foreign destinations or parties is regulated and controlled by federal export control laws for national security reasons.  Accordingly, UTMB employees must comply with export control laws.  In 2011, UTMB formed the Export Control Compliance Committee to ensure that UTMB’s research is compliant with the export control laws and regulations. 


As a leader in medical research, UTMB embraces an open teaching and research environment, which is fundamental for the free exchange of ideas locally, nationally and internationally.  In this regard, UTMB’s researchers are free to publish and share their research findings with the greater scientific community.  Publicly available information and research results arising from fundamental research are generally excluded from export control law review.


In pursuing a policy of research openness, UTMB refrains from research that restricts sharing of data.  However, there may be exceptionally rare circumstances, where our investigators believe that the best interests of society, the research questions being pursued and security concerns might warrant some restrictions. In such cases, UTMB’s Empowered Officials for export control matters may grant limited exceptions to this policy.


More information and resources about export control can be found at   

or from Frances Streeter, JD – Legal Officer and Export Control Officer, Office of Technology Transfer at 409-772-0376 or  Should you have any questions about export control issues or whether research is subject to export control, please contact Ms. Streeter.