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Things to Look for in Export Transactions
When you are the Provider, use this as a preliminary check list to discover possible violations of the Export Administration Regulations:
  • The Recipient or its address is similar to one of the parties found on the Commerce Department's [BIS's] list of denied persons.
  • The Recipient or purchasing agent is reluctant to offer information about the end-use of the requested material.
  • The requested material or product's capabilities do not fit the Recipient 's line of business or expertise.
  • The requested materials are incompatible with the technical level of the country to which it is being shipped, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment being shipped to a country that has no electronics industry.
  • The Recipient is willing to pay cash for the material.
  • The Recipient has little or no scientific, academic, or research background.
  • The Recipient is unfamiliar with the material's or product's performance characteristics but still wants the product.
  • Routine installation, training, or maintenance services are declined by the Recipient.
  • Delivery dates are vague, or deliveries are planned for out of the way destinations.
  • A freight forwarding firm is listed as the product's final destination.
  • The shipping route is abnormal for the product and destination.
  • Packaging is inconsistent with the stated method of shipment or destination.
  • When questioned, the Recipient is evasive and especially unclear about whether the requested material or product is for domestic use, for export, or for reexport.

If you have reason to believe a violation is taking place or has occurred, you may report it to the Export Control Officer at 20376 or as soon as possible.

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If you have questions or concerns about the applicability of export control regulations to a particular situation, or about any of the information presented on this page, contact:

Frances Streeter, JD
Senior Legal Officer &
Export Control Officer
(409) 772-0376