1891 Fund

For more than 132 years, UTMB has left an immense legacy on Texas health care. The 1891 Fund is the promise of new legacies of health for new generations—both in Texas and around the world.

The year was 1891. UTMB, our state’s first medical school, opened its doors on Galveston Island with 23 students on hand.

Fast forward 132 years. UTMB has a proud place as one of our country’s leading academic health centers.

The 1891 Fund—a resource to accelerate innovation throughout UTMB—honors that legacy. But it also looks to the university’s future, helping UTMB remain a place of forward-thinking health sciences education. Of pioneering biomedical discovery. Of unsurpassed patient care.

Your gift to the 1891 Fund helps UTMB stay on the cutting edge of health education, biomedical research, and patient care.