At UTMB, our successes are the product of many things: the expertise of our faculty and staff, the generosity of our many benefactors, and the dedication of our volunteers—the alumni and community leaders who serve as champions for UTMB in our region, state, nation, and world.


Development Board

UTMB is strengthened when community leaders dedicate their time, talents and expertise to advancing health care, education, and research -- and the UTMB Development Board is a crucial partner in this effort. Each member brings talent and expertise to the board, providing new perspectives, new networks of engagement, and new philanthropic resources for the betterment of the university.

The UTMB Development Board members play a key role in UTMB’s efforts to broaden its base of philanthropic support by serving as local, regional, national, and international ambassadors who share the good news of the extraordinary work taking place at the university. For more information about the UTMB Development Board please call (409) 772-1991 or email

Giving Societies

At UTMB, we are proud to recognize the generosity of our most committed benefactors. Membership in our giving societies means something truly special: a celebration of your role in ensuring UTMB’s place at the vanguard of academic medicine.

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Formed in 1993, The President’s Cabinet is a unique and distinctive organization, dedicated to helping advance the mission of one of the country’s oldest and most dynamic academic health care centers. Members include alumni, faculty, staff, university friends, and many business and community leaders.

The President's Cabinet logo

Each alumni association Board of Directors is comprised of proud alumni who volunteer their time, skills, and talent on behalf of the members to ensure the relevance, growth, and vitality of each organization.

Alumni Association Board Rosters