John Sealy School of Medicine Alumni

Founded as the state’s first medical school, the UTMB JSSOM has conferred more than 16,000 medical degrees since its inception in 1891.

A group of JSSOM graduates standing together at graduation

Alumni Association

The UTMB John Sealy School of Medicine Alumni Association exists to strengthen and support the JSSOM by promoting life-long relationships between alumni, current students, faculty, and university leadership.

Membership Levels

2023 Ashbel Smith Distinguished Alumni Awardees

The highest honor bestowed by the John Sealy School of Medicine Alumni Association to recognize alumni for their outstanding service to the medical profession and to humanity.

Legacy Awardees

Recognizes posthumous alumni who continue to inspire future generations.

JSSOM Alumni Association Board


Board Members

JSSOM Board Members

  • Bailey Jr., Charles W.

    Charles W. Bailey, Jr., MD, JD
    Class of 1967
  • Cooke, Shannon E.

    Shannon E. Cooke, MD
    Class of 1989
  • Copeland, James L.

    James L. Copeland, Jr., MD
    Class of 1972
  • Corbitt, Danny K.

    Danny K. Corbitt, MD
    Class of 1979
  • Dabney, Raetasha S.

    Raetasha S. Dabney, MD
    Class of 2007
  • Dinn, James R.

    James R. Dinn, Jr., MD
    Class of 1973
  • Edwards, Betty J.

    Betty J. Edwards, MD
    Class of 1976
  • Fagala, Gwen E.

    Gwen E. Fagala, MD
    Class of 1989
  • Finch, Daniel C.

    Daniel C. Finch, MD
    Class of 1973
  • Fowler, John T.

    John T. Fowler, MD
    Class of 1998
  • Fraser, John J.

    John J. Fraser, Jr., MD
    Class of 1979
  • Helmer III, Richard E.

    Richard E. Helmer III, MD, FACP
    Class of 1971
  • Hill, Jr., Malone V.

    Malone V. Hill, Jr., MD
    Class of 1971
  • Hunnicutt, Robert W.

    Robert W. Hunnicutt, MD
    Class of 1972
  • Karnath, Bernard M.

    Bernard M. Karnath, MD, FACP
    Class of 1994
  • McCoy, James A.

    James A. McCoy, MD, FACS
    Class of 1967
  • Messer, Larry

    Larry Messer, MD
    Class of 1972
  • Ponder, Stephen W.

    Stephen W. Ponder, MD, FAAP, CDCES
    Class of 1985
  • Pugh, Billie R.

    Billie R. Pugh, MD
    Class of 1972
  • Richardson, Gwyn

    Gwyn Richardson, MD
    Class of 2001
  • Rodriguez, Gabriel

    Gabriel Rodriguez, MD
    Class of 1994
  • Spier, Jeffrey M.

    Jeffrey M. Spier, MD
    Class of 2000
  • Stafford, Sarah A.

    Sarah A. Stafford, MD
    Class of 2010
  • Stephens, Christopher

    Christopher Stephens, MD
    Class of 2002
  • Stetson III, Cloyce L.

    Cloyce L. Stetson III, MD
    Class of 1994
  • Warthan, Molly M.

    Molly M. Warthan, MD
    Class of 2004