UTMB establishes Sealy Department of Emergency Medicine with $11.8M Sealy & Smith Foundation gift

For over a century, The Sealy & Smith Foundation has been a cornerstone of UTMB’s legacy at the vanguard of health care, education, and research.

Recently, the foundation once again demonstrated its steadfast commitment to advancing medical excellence with an $11.8 million gift toward emergency medicine. In recognition of this remarkable contribution, UTMB honored the foundation by naming the new department as the Sealy Department of Emergency Medicine.

“The foundation’s act of visionary generosity ushers in a new era of emergency medicine training and care at the university,” remarked UTMB President Dr. Jochen Reiser.

“The Sealy Department of Emergency Medicine will not only train and educate individuals but also bring innovation to the field while ensuring UTMB’s continued ability to serve Galveston and the region with lifesaving emergency care.”

Throughout the years, the foundation’s support of emergency medicine has included the construction and renovation of the Galveston campus emergency room and Level I trauma center—one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated emergency care facilities in the world. These forward-thinking investments have helped position UTMB to achieve the highest designation in the treatment of severe and complex injuries.

“Our goal,” shared Dr. Dietrich Jehle, Sealy Emergency Medicine department chair, “is to create a comprehensive, academically rigorous program in our medical center. This program will expose students, residents, and fellows to a diverse array of medical challenges, preparing them to manage the full spectrum of conditions in emergency settings.”

Dr. Reiser added, “This transformational gift will serve to build a leading-edge program that epitomizes UTMB’s commitment to improving health through unparalleled training and education, groundbreaking research, and superior patient care services.”

“It is a privilege to have the unwavering commitment of The Sealy & Smith Foundation as we seek to redefine emergency medical education and care.”