Tours for Community Organizations and Students 

Tours of the Galveston National Laboratory

If your community or student-based organization is interested in a tour of the Galveston National Lab, get in touch with us! We love sharing the history of our university's world-class infectious disease research program, and we will be happy to work with you to create a customized and meaningful experience for your group. 

We welcome elected officials (local, state and national), business organizations, college alumni associations, professional associations, municipal organizations, emergency responders, and other special interest groups.

Please note that all visitors to the GNL must consent to a security clearance procedure that includes a background check.  All tours should be arranged at least 30 days in advance to accommodate scheduling and security processes.  Contact us for more information. 

The Virtual GNL

New virtual outreach options are available to community organizations both small and large.  The staff of the GNL can arrange for presentations on topics ranging from emerging infectious diseases to biodefense. Meet the Scientists panels are a popular option that provide insight into a variety of different medical research programs underway at the GNL. 

Student Education

The GNL invites teachers, parents or students to contact us for suggestions on learning activities to support your classroom or virtual educational endeavors.  We're happy to arrange classroom lectures or discussions with scientists and public health experts at UTMB who are focused on infectious disease research or who can share information about the recent pandemic and future preparedness efforts.

Staff volunteers have created an informative 90-minute program (60 minutes virtual) entitled "Why We Do What We Do" which gives students an overview of several different career opportunities, with the goal of encouraging students to continue their science studies after high school or after completing an undergraduate degree. Students learn about the roles of a variety of personnel, including:

  • Research Scientist
  • Veterinarian
  • Facilities Engineer
  • Biosafety Officer
  • Laboratory Operations


For more information, contact Connie Holubar, Director of Operations at