Good Neighbor Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Good Neighbor Program?

The UTMB Good Neighbor Program is an employee, student and community-funded charitable effort that supports UTMB patients with recovery and healing.

How are the dollars collected?

Gifts and donations to the program are solicited annually from UTMB employees via UTMB's State Employee Charitable Campaign, held each year in the fall. The program is listed under "Local" charities in the Galveston campaign. The code for the fund is "327050 - UTMB Good Neighbor Program."

At other times of the year, and for those who are not employees, contributions can be made via the UTMB Development Office.

Who decides how and to whom dollars are dispensed?

The Director of Outpatient Care Management reviews requests and determines approval based on existing policies. Oversight for the Good Neighbor Program is provided by a committee chaired by the Chief Nursing Officer.

The Director of Outpatient Care Management reports to the committee on the program’s activity and budget on a quarterly basis. Front line employees, typically care managers or social workers, interact with patients, document financial status and work to address needs.

Who is eligible to receive support?

Support is available to UTMB patients at any UTMB campus or clinic location who have: 1) a medical record number and a documented treatment plan; 2) who are indigent or experiencing financial hardship; 3) who have explored all other available community resources.

Funds are limited and all support is always contingent on dollars being available. The more we raise, the more we can help.

Where can I get additional details?

The program policy is online.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please send questions to:

Latonia Shultis
Manager, Ambulatory Care Management
301 University Blvd., Galveston, TX 77555-0975
(409) 266-2405