The 2013 You Count! Pulse Survey is now live.


Once you receive the email invitation from Morehead Associates, the independent firm conducting the survey on UTMB’s behalf, please take a few moments to respond confidentially to the questions using the embedded survey link.


The online survey will provide insights into the opinions of our employees and help us to identify the issues and concerns affecting workplace satisfaction and engagement. The feedback collected will be used to assess and adjust the action plans established following the original 2011 You Count! Employee Survey.


The survey is open until midnight, Monday, May 13, and all full- and part-time employees hired on or before April 1, 2013, are encouraged to participate. Responses are sent directly to Morehead and reported back to UTMB at the entity, department, and division levels; absolutely no personal or identifying information will be included in the survey results. A department must have at least five respondents to receive data specific to the area.


To encourage participation, those employees who successfully complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of six $750 gift certificates for a weekend getaway package (or the cash equivalent). Morehead will be responsible for selecting the winners at the conclusion of the survey.


Please visit the You Count! web page if you have any questions about the survey or the employee incentives. You may also contact the Organizational and Workforce Development office at or (409) 747-6700.


Thank you for taking part in the 2013 You Count! Pulse Survey.