After a successful run that spanned five decades, the final Impact was published in January 2020.  Impact was UTMB Health’s employee newsletter. It evolved from a one color printed tabloid newspaper to a full color magazine with a digital component. We’ve archived the past several years on these pages for your review and enjoyment.


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Health Education Center

Construction Update

Feb 23, 2018, 16:13 PM by Stephen Hadley

Health Education Center

Facilities construction continues across UTMB, including the new Health Education Center on the Galveston Campus and expansion on the League City Campus. Here’s a closer look at the construction projects ongoing at UTMB:


Health Education Center
The Health Education Center, which will allow UTMB to increase student enrollments to meet the growing need for a well-trained health care/health sciences workforce and provide faculty and students with the most advanced educational technologies, is scheduled to become operational by Spring 2019.
Current status: Structure “top out” completed in January

John Sealy Hospital
The project to modernize and expand patient rooms and technologies in the John Sealy Hospital is set for completion in Spring 2020.
Current status: Brick removal and steel inset installation in progress on the building’s façade; demolition in progress on AB Wing Levels 4 & 5; final, redesigned room mockups set for completion this month

Building 17E Expansion
The expansion of Building 17E is nearing completion—set to partially open in April and be completely finished by December—will provide vital support space for UTMB’s research enterprise
Current status: Levels 1-4 operational by April as commissioning of mechanical, electrical and plumbing in progress; Level 5 will remain shelled space; Level 6 and Sky Bridge will be operational in December

Jennie Sealy Hospital
Level 6 Construction is underway on the sixth floor of Jennie Sealy Hospital, where invasive cardiology services—including Cath Labs, Electrophysiology Labs and a Post Anesthesia Care Unit—will be located.
Current status: Operational in October

District heating and cooling system
The recently completed West Plant, which became operational in December, added 15 megawatts of power-generating capacity to the campus, further hardening UTMB’s capabilities to provide its own source of electrical power.


League City Campus Hospital
The Phase 2 expansion of the League City Campus Hospital, which will include construction of a South Tower featuring five levels with 60 patient beds, is scheduled to be operational by May 2020.
Current status: Plans to UT System Board of Regents for final approval this month; construction set to begin in March

League City CampusParking Garage
The new parking garage currently under construction on the League City Campus will be seven levels with an attached 33,000-square-foot multi-use building and connecting sky bridge.
Current status: Underway with plans to be operational on July 2

MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) Outpatient Center
MD Anderson, which is leasing property on UTMB’s League City Campus, is constructing a $110 million, 190,000-square-foot full-service outpatient cancer center. This collaborative effort will allow both institutions to expand access to advanced health care services by taking advantage of MD Anderson’s internationally recognized expertise in cancer care and clinical research; the investments UTMB has made in its League City Campus and surrounding clinics; and UTMB’s extensive network of primary and specialty care providers throughout the region.
Current status: Operational this summer

MDACC UTMB Clinic on Level 2
UTMB will open a 9,100-square-foot multi-purpose clinic on the second level of the new MDACC Outpatient Center. The facility will include 12 exams rooms and two treatment rooms.
Current status: Operational in September