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Hidden Talent: Leslye Mlcak

Jul 4, 2018, 19:26 PM by Stephen Hadley
This is a new feature in Impact focused on highlighting the "hidden talents" among UTMB's employees. If you have a hidden talent—or know someone who does—please tell us at impact.newsletter@utmb.eduThanks!

Name: Leslye Mlcak
UTMB Talent: Administrative Manager, Department of Patient Services 
Hidden Talent: Taking the Cake!

LeslyeLeslye Mlcak found her hidden talent four years ago: She’s a phenom with fondant and a cake baker extraordinaire. Once she realized she enjoyed baking, Mlcak took a continuing education class at Galveston College with a friend and she’s been pursuing her passion ever since.

“It’s a hobby that keeps me covered in powdered sugar and kneading fondant,” Mlcak says.

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